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Our Practice
Located in the heart of Maple Lake, Total Care Chiropractic is like no other medical or chiropractic office. 

Meet our wonderful chiropractic professional: Todd Seidl, DC
Dr. Todd Seidl grew up in a small farming community Bird
Island, MN. He is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He attended college and played football for North Dakota State. He finished his undergraduate degree at Mankato State and joined the Air National Guard while attending school. 

He had the privilege to practice under many great doctors including the former Viking’s chiropractor. Also, he comes from a family of chiropractors with both his sister and brother currently practicing. Todd has always been interested in health and fitness. He currently participates in a training program called Crossfit that prepares the body for the unknown by encompassing olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, running, swimming, bicycling, rowing, and much more.
Dr. Todd married his wife Candace and opened a clinic “Total Care Chiropractic” in Maple Lake, MN. Candace works as an accountant and we both are members of the Wright Saddle Club in Maple
Lake. They both love animals having dogs, horses, cats, and whatever else Candace brings home:) They both believe alternative health care benefits both humans and animals.